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  Prismatic LiFePo4 Battery Cells
  Cylindrical LiFePo4 Battery Cells
  Li-ion Polymer Battery Cells
  Li-ion Cylindrical Battery Cells
  e-Bike/Scooter/Wheel Chair Batteries
  Electronic Vehicle Batteries
  Power tools Batteries
  High Rate Discharge Batteries (R/C Batteries)
  Bluetooth Batteries
  Portable Power Bank
  Samll Solar Storage Systems
  LED Light Batteries
  Solar & Wind Energy Storage Batteries
  Back-up Power Batteries













    JOOLEE Battery Co., Ltd.  is a high-tech company in R&D, Production and sales of all kinds of Li-ion & LiFePo4 battery cells & battery pack. They are a Wholly-owned subsidiaries belong to Hong Kong JOOLEE Group. We are in shenzhen, Shandong and Dongguan respectively set up specialized factories. At present, we have more than 2,200 people on-the-job, The senior title and the specialized technical personnel more than 250 people... [Detailed]

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