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The netbook era is vanishing gradually


                                                                    Date: 2012-09-24

According to the latest earnings, Intel Atom processor and chipset business in the third quarter of this year 32% year-on-year revenue fell sharply, currently only for 269 million dollars. Obviously, on the flat plate of the strong impact of the Internet market crazy momentum has ceased to exist.

Once, Atom N series processor monopoly for 95% of the Internet this market, but with the decline of the Internet market demand, some manufacturers started to turn the AMD APU platform, because the latter price cheaper, better performance. And some firms will screen size from 10 inch expanded to 12 inches, and the price is to maintain at $399, in order to attract customers.

Along with the downstream partners in the project on the Internet to continue downsizing, and the competition AMD APU, Atom business income is expected in the next continue to decrease.

Internet access in the notebook market the shipments of the proportion to 20% once expected this year, will be in the second half of the rapid fall to just 5%, but industry personage points out, the Internet will not disappear completely, but into the development of market, the average selling price is also expected to reduce the $300 from now be $200 250.

Is the market because of the downturn, Intel put off a new generation of Cedar Trail platform released, currently only launched for entry-level desktops Atom D2500 / D2700, used for the Atom of the Internet N2600 / N2800 is still didn¨t show up.

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